Facial Waxing

All our Facial Waxing treatments with the exception of our Eyebrow Wax are carried out using our Hot Wax, unless requested at the time of booking. We understand that from time to time strip wax may be your preference.  However, here is why Hot Wax is our number one choice for most Facial Waxing…

Facial Waxing at The Spa Therapy Room, Baddow road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0DG Spa and Beauty Salon

Hot Wax

Hot waxing can remove difficult hairs with ease and comfort. It forms more of a tight grip on the hair when cooled compared to classic strip wax, yet can still be removed easily.

Prior to your waxing treatment we remove surface bacteria and excess oils from the skin, using our specially formulated cleansing treatment. Lavender essential oil aids in calming and relaxing the skin prior to waxing treatments thus maximising treatment outcome and reduce the chance of infection after waxing.

Our specially formulated pre wax oil is then applied, this acts as a barrier to protect the skin and aids in the setting of our hot wax to maximise waxing speed and efficiency.

Our hot wax is always applied to the skin using a clean disposable spatula (which is never double dipped). It then cools down quickly. The hot wax grips the hair and not the skin tightly before it is removed.

It is a very effective treatment to remove sturdy, tough hair and is very well suited to clients with sensitive skin.

Hot Waxing maintenance is due every 2 – 5 weeks

We use a pure white Austrialian hot wax, containing no preservatives, dyes or pine resins, making it perfect for sensitive skins. Our wax contains titanium dioxide to reduce redness, and is also super strong. It is perfect for those hard to extract troublesome hairs, whilst remaining gentle on the skin.

Our hot wax is vegan friendly, paraben free and never tested on animals.

Eyebrows - Wax, Tweeze and Trim

15 Minutes£21

Lip Wax

10 Minutes £14

Chin Wax

10 Minutes£14

Face Wax

10 Minutes£14

Lip and Chin Wax

15 Minutes£21

Chin and Face Wax

15 Minutes£21

Lip, Chin and Face Wax

20 Minutes£28

Eyebrow and Lip Wax

20 Minutes£28

Nose Wax

10 Minutes£14

Ear Wax

10 Minutes£14

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