Strip wax is the most traditional waxing treatment for removing any unwanted hair on the body.

Prior to your waxing treatment we remove surface bacteria and excess oils from the skin, using our specially formulated cleansing treatment. Lavender essential oil aids in calming and relaxing the skin prior to waxing treatments thus maximising treatment outcome and reduce the chance of infection after waxing.

Our creamy wax is then applied with a clean diposable spatula onto the skin. A paper strip is then pressed on top of the wax and immediately taken away, removing the hair within the chosen area. Its quick and precise with minimal discomfort.

Afterwards, our specially formulated oil is lightly massaged into the area. Tea tree and lime combine antiseptic and antioxidant properties to soothe and protect the skin.

We use a creamy pure white, 100% synthetic wax which contains no pine resins. Formulated with titanium dioxide to reduce redness of the skin. It makes the perfect strip wax for sensitive skin. This wax is non-sticky so you can say goodbye to sticky residue left behind after your leg wax and enjoy silky, smooth hair free skin from the moment you leave the salon.

Our strip wax is vegan friendly, paraben free and never tested on animals.

Strip wax maintenance is due every 3-5 Weeks.

Eyebrows - wax, tweeze and trim

15 minutes£15

Arm Wax

20 minutes£20

Half Leg Wax

20 minutes£20

3/4 leg Wax

25 minutes£25

Full Leg Wax

30 minutes£30

Back Wax

25 minutes£25

Chest Wax

25 minutes£25

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