What causes Lax Skin?

You’re not alone if your skin has started showing signs of laxity or jowling.  Sun damage, pollution and general ageing all lead to a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Eventually our skin slowly loses its integrity and begins to sag.

At The Spa Therapy Room we offer several different treatments to stimulate your natural collagen and elastin formation in the skin.

Radio Frequency Facial

Radio Frequency (RF) targets the water molecules in the skin, and generates micro-vibrations in the tissue, resulting in advanced dermal heating. This heating stimulates new collagen and elastin growth resulting in stronger, firmer dermal tissue which leads to subtle skin lifting and tightening, for more youthful-looking skin. The main reason for using RF for skin […]

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Small Area - Eyes / Mouth

20 minutes£50
Course of 6 | SAVE 20%£240

Half Face

30 minutes£80
Course of 6 | SAVE 20%£384

Full Face

40 minutes£110
Course of 6 | SAVE 20%£528

Full Face and Neck

50 minutes£140
Course of 6 | SAVE 20%£672

Full Face, Neck and Décolleté

60 minutes£220
Course of 6 | SAVE 20%£1056

Microneedling by SkinPen Precision®

Microneedling is a procedure for the treatment of ageing, wrinkles, scars, large pores and uneven skin texture. SkinPen Precision offers you the next advancement in skin regeneration – stimulating your skin’s natural ability to repair the effects of ageing and damaged skin.

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Microneedling Consultation

30 minutesFREE


1 Treatment£175
£25 off course of 3£500
£150 off course of 6£900

Face & Neck

1 Treatment£200
£25 off course of 3£575
£150 off course of 6£1050


1 Treatment£225
£25 off course of 3£650
£150 off course of 6£1200

Fractional Laser

We use an award-winning medical grade laser machine from UK’s Lynton Lasers for all our Fractional Resurfacing treatments.  It contains an erbium YAG fractional laser for treating textural problems and scarring. Fractional laser skin resurfacing provides total rejuvenation to give the skin a smooth, youthful and glowing appearance and is highly recommended for individuals who […]

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Fractional Laser Consultation

30 minutesFREE

Laser Peel | Full Face

30 minutes£160
20% off course of 6£768

Laser Peel | Full Face & Neck

40 minutes £200
20% off course of 6£960

Laser Peel | Full Face, Neck & Decolatte

50 minutes£240
20% off course of 6£1152

Micro Area | 2-3 passes

20 minutes£120
20% off course of 6£576

Small Area | 2-3 passes

30 minutes£160
20% off course of 6£768

Medium Area | 2-3 passes

40 minutes£200
20% off course of 6£960

Large Area | 2-3 passes

50 minutes£240
20% off course of 6£1152

Other treatments we offer

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