What is a Callus Peel?

Callus Peel is a luxury, spa foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised.  Treatment is a 15 minute process through four stages: Patch, Wrapping, Scraping & Filing and Moisturising. which gives immediate results, even after the first treatment.

The Treatment

The Peel is applied to the problem areas of the feet by a skin softener  peel ‘patch’ where calluses develop. The skin softener peel ‘patch’ contains all the ingredients necessary to remove the calluses from the feet. By gently penetrating into the epidermal layer of the foot it softens the callus to enable dead skin to be gently scraped off and then buffed. The treatment is then followed by the soothing, conditioning moisturiser which then leaving you with sandal ready feet.

*ADD-ON to any of our pedicures and save £10

Callus Peel

25 minutes £30

Callus Peel ADD-ON*

15 minutes£20

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