Microneedling Consultation

At The Spa Therapy Room we offer a free SkinPen Microneedling consultation prior to any needling appointment to ensure client suitability to treatment regarding body and skin health.

What happen in a Microneedling Consultation?

During your consultation we ask a series of questions to help determine if Microneedling is suitable for you. We will then discus the best treatment options available to get your desired results. We perform a patch test to allow your practitioner to indicate any possible adverse reactions to the anaesthetic cream.

  • Treatment goals and expectations
  • Current skin health
  • How micro-needling works
  • Different types of micro-needling
  • The treatment process and factors that will determine your results
  • Details about your medical history (including any current medications)
  • Pre-treatment requirements
  • Aftercare requirements
  • Cost and frequency of treatments
  • Predicated results of the treatment

The consultation process typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What is a Patch Test?

For your comfort, we use NumbSkin anaesthetic cream prior to your SkinPen treatment. It’s safe practice to patch test anaesthetic creams prior to application.  We will simply apply a small amount to your skin at the beginning of your consultation and remove any residue towards the end of your consultation or after 20-30 minutes. This will be performed at least 48 hours prior to your first SkinPen treatment, you will be asked to go home an monitor any possible adverse reactions to the anaesthetic cream.

Is there a cost for the Microneedling Consultation & Patch Test?

Our SkinPen Microneedling consultation and patch test is free of any charges.  We believe in providing our clients with a professional and personal service. We are relentless in our pursuit of best practice.

For Best Results

A mechanised micro-needling pen that delivers 98,000 micro channels in the skin per minute. Skin Pen is the ONLY FDA approved mechanised pen because SkinPen Precisions NEW Patented MicroNeedle Cartridge offers unsurpassed safety. The only 100% completely sealed cartridge on the market to prevent fluid intake.

It has a single use ‘lock out’ feature so removing any possibility of cross contamination. This unique cartridge design houses the reciprocating mechanism, this feature ensures precise depth settings from 0.25mm-1.5mm, and completes 7000rpm so producing 98,000 micro-channels per minute.

The whole unit is protected with a disposable Bio-Sheath, so reducing contamination during the treatments ensuring client and patient safety.

Clients will have ‘take-home’ products to use in the days following treatment to ensure skin hydration and repair.

Microneedling can be had at any time of the year. A short procedure time, approximately 30 minutes plus time to numb the skin to ensure comfortability. Downtime has mild post-procedure effects, similar to a mild to moderate sunburn, with a quick 24 hour recovery time.

  • Typically 3-6 procedures for optimal results. Effective face, neck, décolletage, hands and body. Safe for all skin types.
  • Home-care compliance is essential for best and optimum results.
  • Environ and The Advanced Nutrition Programme will ensure skin is in the best health for a needling treatment to aid repair and results gained.
  • Poor and insufficient home care products may hinder and provide disappointing results and SPF compliance is a must!
  • A compromised or dehydrated skin may need ‘priming’ with appropriate home-care 2-4 weeks before treatment as these skins won’t induce proper cell renewal and skin healing.

After the needling, the newly produced collagen needs to remodel and mature into strong healthy bundles and for this to be supported and fully effective, correct home care needs to nurture this effect.

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30 minutes£10*

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