Home facial in a box from The Spa Therapy Room

Welcome to your Home Facial step-by-step guide, designed to use along side your Facial in a Box.

Our guide is designed to ensure your Home Facial is performed in the correct order. Please follow the directions on each product packet for how to use each product.

Below each step has a list of products. You will have received one – two products from most steps in your Facial in a Box.  If one section doesn’t have a product, don’t worry this is because this step isn’t necessary for your facial – simply miss this step out. We suggest the best way to start, is to look through what you have been sent and lay out each product in the correct order as per the steps below.

Watch the video below to see Dermalogica’s DIY Facial massage technique in action! You can use this in step 3 of your Facial.

| Y O U   W I L L  N E E D  .

Two large bowls of hot but not boiling water.

Your Spa Therapy Headband to keep your hair off your face.

Your Spa Therapy wash mitt  – We advise you to launder your mitt before first use. Use your wash mitt at the end of each step to remove each product from your skin. Soak your mitt in a bowl of clean hot water before each use. You will need to refresh both bowls of water between steps two and three of your facial.

1 | P R E C L E A N S E .

[Remove with wash mitt] PreCleanse | PreCleanse Balm


2 | C L E A N S E .

[Remove with wash mitt] Intensive Moisture Cleanser | Skin Resurfacing Cleanser | Ultra Calming Cleanser | Special Cleaning Gel | Clearing Skin Wash | Active Clay Cleanser | Breakout Clearing Foam Wash


3 | R E S F U R F A C E  .

[Remove with wash mitt] Daily Microfoliant | Daily Superfoliant | Multivitamin Thermofoliant | Rapid Reveal Peel


4 | M A S Q U E  .

[Remove with wash mitt] Skin Hydrating Masque | Charcoal Rescue Masque | Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque | Sebum Clearing Masque


5 | E Y E  C A R E   .

Total Eye Care | Intensive Eye Repair | Age Reversal Eye Complex | MultiVitamin Power Firm | Biolumin-C Eye Serum | Stress Positive Eye lift


6 | D I Y  M A S S A G E  .

[Serum] Phyto Replenish Oil | Overnight Repair Serum | BioLumin-C Serum |Barrier Defence Booster* | Skin Hydrating Booster | UltraCalming Serum Concentrate* | Multi vitamin Power Serum | Phyto Nature Serum | Age Bright Clearing Serum | Breakout Clearing Booster

*Both these products can be mixed together for extra slip and glad for your massage.


7 | F I N I S H  .

[Moisturise] Active Moist | Skin Smoothing Cream | Intensive Moisture Balance | Super Rich Repair | Barrier Repair | Calm Water Gel |


[Targeted Treatment] Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 | Hydra blur Primer | Sound Sleep Cocoon | Age Bright Spot Fader | Nightly Lip Treatment | Renewal Lip Complex


[SPF] Oil Free Matt SPF30 | Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 | Prisma Protect30 | Invisible physical Defence SPF30 | Clearing Defence SPF30



Lisa and the Spa Team x

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