Having a bikini wax is a straight forward procedure depending on the bikini wax you choose shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes for your first appointment.

We can’t lie, it will hurt a bit, and especially the first time, but with each waxing session the hair grows back finer so is subsequently less painful.  Regrowth tends to happen in around 3 to 6 weeks depending on how fine your hair is.

Onto the big question – what type of bikini wax to have? Well, here at The Spa Therapy Room we offer four different types of bikini waxes, from a tidy up to remove any unsightly strays from your underwear or swimwear, to completely bare (down there).  How much hair you want removing is entirely up to you and what you think looks best.

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Basic Bikini Wax

Sides only

basic 1

High Bikini Wax (Californian)

Sides and top


Brazilian Wax

Everything except a small piece in front including labia and bum


Hollywood Wax

All gone!


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