Due to changes in industry guidelines, we are now required to re patch test everyone who is having a treatment that requires a patch test.

Following the government guidelines on salons re-opening, we will need to wait until 12th April to conduct our patch tests.

Our insurance requires an ‘in salon’ patch test to be performed as there is a lot to consider when patch testing following a long period away. Conducting a patch test provides protection for you, as well as for us.

Keeping this in mind, there’s a few things we have to consider:

  • Having a COVID-19 vaccine is classed as a change in medical history.
  • A positive COVID-19 test is classed as a change in medical history
  • A change in medical history requires a patch test to be carried out
  • A 6 month time period may have lapsed since your last patch test or treatment
  • The use of home tinting kits can contribute to increased sensitivity towards PPD

HD Brows and Nouveau LVL

Currently, we have been advised to wait 2 weeks after a client has received the vaccine before performing a patch test or treatment for HD Brows and LVL. Although the NHS state that most side effects should not last longer than a week, this will allow enough time for any symptoms to present themselves and not be mistaken for a patch test reaction.

As the global understanding of COVID-19 and vaccines evolve, this will be reviewed and we will be updated with any changes.

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