Superhero at The Spa Therapy Room

Superhero, a morally righteous hero who possesses extraordinary abilities or supernatural powers!

We need to shout out about the importance of therapies and treatments to care for physical and mental health problems during the COVID pandemic!

Beauty therapists aren’t just here to make you look nice and feel pampered, we are an important listening ear and a friendly face when most have suffered in some way feeling isolated or lonely.

We work alongside other care industries, and we are key to our client’s mental wellbeing as well as being one of the most hygienic industries that there is.

The common misconception about the beauty industry is that it’s a treat or only a beauty treatment but in fact, many people do say they find salons helpful in managing or relieving stress and anxiety.

We become a friend, a therapist and someone impartial to talk to, but most importantly we are able to help people with physical and emotional issues through holistic treatments and sometimes just a manicure can make people feel better and more confident.

We are Beauty Therapists… Because Superhero isn’t a real job title!

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