Which is the best type of laser for your treatments. The Spa Therapy Room

We understand it can be difficult to understand which is the best laser for you treatment.

Pain Free Laser hair removal at The Spa Therapy Room

When we looked at equipment and laser treatments we wanted to ensure we are giving you the safest and most clinically effective laser treatments possible, especially when considering the different types of Laser available. We quickly realised one type of laser wasn’t enough to get the best results for the treatments we wanted to target, hair removal, skincare, scaring and discolouration.

After approximately a year of research, we are proud to say we introduced three types of laser for our treatments. Alexandrite, ND:Yag and Fractional. You may not be familiar with the names of the different types of lasers but we can ensure you the lasers we use for our treatments are best laser for your treatment and there is no compromise!

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