Simply wash off after one hour and watch your tan develop…

Sienna X High Intensity Spray Tan only takes 1 hour to develop a natural perfect tan!

If you don’t have the time to wait to 8 hours for your spray tan to develop and want fast, effective results in the shortest time possible. Sienna X High Intensity 1 hour tan is for you!

Sienna X High Intensity 'Hit' 1 hour tan at The Spa Therapy Room

We have falling in love with this product. It’s great for any occasion. Just simply book your appointment (2 hours minimum) before your occasion, wash off after an hour, with instant results, get ready and watch as your tan develops through the day!

Sienna X High Intensity 1 hour tan strikes the perfect balance between nourishing and caring for skin whilst accelerating the tan’s development and is enriched with tan intensifiers that begin to work immediately upon application, meaning the solution has an exceptionally quick development time. Non-sticky and non-greasy, and you will be left with flawless, streak-free colour after only one hour. The lightweight formula leaves a natural glow that will continue to deepen over 1-4 hours, even after the guide colour has been rinsed off.

If you want a perfect natural looking tan quickly Sienna X High Intensity 1 hour spray tan is for you!

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