Dermalogica Shave system  exclusive three-step regimen takes into account beard type, hair growth pattern and skin condition for a shave that delivers your healthiest skin possible.

Demalogica Shave System at The Spa Therapy Room

Dermalogica shave system range are great products, whether you buy individual products or the kit, for yourself, Father’s Day or birthday present you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t just take our word for it, below is a review from one of our clients.

” I used to suffer with shaving rash and soreness after every shave no matter what I tried. As a result of this I would only shave twice a week and not look forward to each time I had to shave. I then changed jobs and I had to shave everyday which was very painful, the collar on my shirts would irritate the rash on my neck making it unbearable.

I mentioned to Lisa (The Spa Therapy Room) about the soreness and she recommended the Dermalogica shave system to me. At first I was sceptical as everything else that I had tried before hadn’t made any difference but I was surprised that I  had instant results and I couldn’t believe what a difference there was. On the first shave I could not believe I had no rash no soreness. I was totally amazed!

I have now been using Dermalogica shave system for 6 years now, still shaving every day, my skin feels great and is in a healthy condition. I would highly recommend the Dermalogica Shave system.”

Demalogica Shave kit RRP £44

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Dermalogica Shave Kit

Dermalogica Shave System

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