The Spa Therapy Room’s Bunny has been busy hiding eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt - The Spa Therapy Room

There are 8 eggs to find, each with a special surprise. We will post clues to the whereabouts of the eggs, either through our News pageMailing, Facebook or Twitter.

Upon finding an egg you will find a number inside, return the egg and number to The Spa Therapy Room. We will give you a Easter prize that corresponds to your number.

Prizes include Treatments, Products and Chocolate Easter eggs.

Follow our clues to find eggs that contain eggcellent prizes!


Egg 1

A good start will be in The High Chelmer Shopping Center… If you sit here you will see a river but there is no water… You will be sitting on an Island with a tree… Below you will find an egg saying open me!’

Egg has been found but prize is yet to be claimed? Bench outside River Island


Egg 2

You don’t have to go far from The Spa but you wouldn’t feel out of place if you was in Southern Italy…
They have scooters outside but don’t sell them…

It’s painted blue the same as the egg..

Sarah Trower has found egg 2 at Poligino Deli Cafe and is a lucky winner!


Egg 3

This could be a start or end of a good friendship… BRIDGE the gap between the wildwood and items which wouldn’t be out of place in a vegetable patch…

You don’t need to get wet the egg is easy to hand’

Kirsty Burns has found egg 3 at the Friendship Bridge and is a lucky winner!


Egg 4

I am the second smallest in England….

It’s not the front door your looking for but the back door…. You will see four pillars with a ledge and it’s on one of these that you will find a little yellow egg….

Solve this anagram for egg number 4’s location – LACED HART

Egg has been found but prize is yet to be claimed? Chelmsford Cathedral


Egg 5

This egg has gone WEST… I WOODN’T go far to find it but you will be blown away when you do…

Sarah Harrison has found egg 3 at Westwood Hair and is a lucky winner!


Egg 6

This egg is the most romantic of all, LACED with GRACE and looking for the perfect partner …

Kirsty Burns has found egg 6 at the Grace & Lace Bridal and is a lucky winner! 


Egg 7

The Spa Bunny has been to a meadow…. Although there’s a bell you won’t hear it ring….

Egg has been found but prize is yet to be claimed? Bell Meadow


Egg 8

This egg has gone for lunch… The Boss maybe nearby… Fancy a beautifully baked fruity lunch with a little coriander to the side? Then your in the right place..

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The Spa Therapy Room Easter Egg Hunt is directed towards adults. Chocolate eggs may contain nuts, please read label before consumption.

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