A couple months ago we launched our new stock of Aromatherapy Associates oils and started using them in our treatments, since then we have struggled to keep them on the shelf!

AA LOGOAromatherapy Associates is a truly British brand that for over 30 years has harnessed so much knowledge about natural essential oils and plant extracts its now an award winning brand. There aim is to help treat the Mind, Body and Soul and believe their oils are capable of being used as an alternative to medicines.

We are extremely lucky and privileged to be able to show off these oils in our spa and use them on you, but there is still a lot more of you that we want to experience the power these oils have.

We are inviting you to come and see us tomorrow for a ‘smell test’.. We will go through the oils and find the oil that is most suited for you and talk about what is in them and how it works. If you have a spare half hour in the day its worth it just to find out more information on these amazing oils.

Call us or even contact us to book your FREE consultation, you will not regret it and we promise you will fall in love with them just like ourselves and many of our clients have too


The Spa Therapy Team x

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