Our aim is to ensure your waxing treatment is still a spa experience and not a chore… Our team deliver comfortable waxing in a professional manner making you feel at ease every step of the way.

Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time will often show thinning regrowth and will appear finer and softer.  These areas will also stay very smooth for up to 6 weeks.

For first-timers who have shaved consistently, it is quite normal to notice the appearance of some tiny hairs appear much sooner. This happens because waxing is done when some hair is still under the skin.  It Is also more ‘stingy’ if you have been shaving, but it’ll hurt a lot less the next time. Keep going with your wax routine and you’ll soon be thanking us!

Hot Wax (Stripless Wax)

adam and eve waxFor our stripless hot wax we use Adam and Eve Wax which is a high end wax specially formulated for both intimate and facial waxing for a much less painful and more gentle experience than strip waxing. Adam and Eve wax adheres only to hair and not to skin, thus making the treatment gentle enough for sensitive areas, but strong enough to remove coarse hair. Please note that term ‘hot wax’ is used for waxing that is stripless however when it goes on it is warm, not hot!

Please note our hot wax treatments take slightly longer to perform than our warm wax services and the cost involved in offering hot wax is also slightly higher, this is therefore reflected in the price of these services.

10 Minutes        £10   Lip / Chin or Face

15 Minutes        £12   Lip & Chin

20 Minutes        £15   Lip, Chin & Face

15 Minutes        £12   Eyebrow

15 Minutes        £12   Nose Wax

15 Minutes        £12   Ear Wax

15 Minutes        £12   Underarm

15 Minutes        £12   Basic Bikini

25 Minutes        £17   High Bikini (G-string)

45 Minutes        £30   Brazilian (landing strip)

45 Minutes        £30   Hollywood (all off)


Confused About Bikini Waxing? Click Here


Warm Wax (Strip Wax)

For our warm strip wax we use PhD Safewax the best waxing system to protect you from cross contamination. PhD stands for Professional Hygienic and Disposable which is exactly what it is.  Warm strip wax is excellent for fine, long hairs, it’s a much better product to use on legs, buttocks, backs etc.

  5 Minutes        £8     Lip / Chin or Face

10 Minutes        £10   Eyebrow

10 Minutes        £10   Lip & Chin

15 Minutes        £12   Lip, Chin & Face

10 Minutes        £10   Underarm

20 Minutes        £15   Forearm

30 Minutes        £20   Full Arm

10 Minutes        £10   Basic Bikini

20 Minutes        £15   High Bikini (G-string)

45 Minutes        £30   Brazilian (landing strip)

45 Minutes        £30   Hollywood (all off)

20 Minutes        £15   Half Leg

30 Minutes        £20   ¾ Leg

40 Minutes        £25   Full Leg

50 Minutes        £30   Full Leg & Basic Bikini

55 Minutes        £35   Full Leg & High Bikini

30 Minutes        £20   Back or Chest